Sandra Lee Zelasko (Sandy)

“Education through photography. Discovering nature one image at a time.”

“Passionate about wildlife, I work to educate others on the phenomena of the natural world using images which tell stories. I strive to motivate viewers to become stewards of this earth through photography.”

Sandy is an award winning and published nature photographer presently working in the field of conservation photography. She devotes her attention on wildlife conservation through land acquisition and unselfishly shares her wildlife photography to educate, her organizational skills to fundraise and her curiosity to study environmental issues where wildlife preservation is a key factor. 

At her home office, Zelasko continues to build a portfolio of conservation endeavors. Dedicated research at the Salton Sea uncovered a new understanding of the complex restoration needs in the Imperial Valley of Southern California and led to her program, "The Salton Sea Story: History & Hope."

Sandy received the Highly-Honored Award in the 2018 Nature’s Best Magazine Wildland Smith Rice International Competition with an image in the Conservation Category and her narrative on issues of the American Bison.

A member and volunteer for NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) and an active member and volunteer for NCPS (North County Photographic Society) helps fill her spare time. In addition, she is a member of PSA (Photographic Society of America) and contributor to the PSA Journal.

Sandra Lee Photography and educator Sandy Zelasko host a number of learning workshops across the U.S. throughout the year and welcomes you to join one.

Contact info:

Contact information: [email protected], 760-749-2174