Wimberley, Inc. is a small company dedicated to the design and manufacture of professional photographic equipment.  The company is owned by David and Clay Wimberley (father and son).  Their production and sales facility is located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  They specialize in gimbal-type tripod heads, but also make flash brackets, macro accessories, and a line of Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates and clamps with innovative features. 


A Brief History:

David Wimberley (at the time a practicing psychologist with a dormant Mechanical Engineering degree) started the business in 1991 with the design of the Wimberley Tripod Head.  The popularity of this unique tripod head among the world’s top nature photographers quickly turned the heretofore backyard operation into a full-fledged business.  David continued to hone his design and has always emphasized quality and customer satisfaction.  The success of Wimberley products, and the loyalty of customers, is a testament to this approach.  David’s son Clay joined the business in 1996 after receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Clay’s interest in nature photography and his drive to create clever solutions added a new dimension to the business and led to the development of products such as the Sidekick®, the Plamp®, and the Wimberley Modular Flash Bracket System. 


Wimberley remains a small company (less than 15 people total) and continues to strive for excellence in their
products and
relationship with our customers and Dealers.

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