Sandra Lee Photography presents … UTAH – A Photographic Workshop


“Photographic Gems at the Great Salt Lake”


October 1 – 6, 2023


This workshop is hosted by Arizona Highways PhotoScapes 


Visit HERE for details and registration.


Workshop leader – Sandy Zelasko


Logan Canyon, Utah INTRODUCTION

Capture vibrant fall colors and images of local wildlife at locations near the Great Salt Lake (GSL) in Northern Utah. Sandy will guide participants to her favorite photographic locations along the eastern flank of the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere.

The GSL is a critically important habitat for millions of native and migratory birds. One of the locations we will visit is Antelope Island State Park, home to a healthy population of American bison, pronghorn, bighorn sheep along with other amazing wildlife. Unobscured landscapes stretch in every direction and vibrant sunsets never disappoint.

Prepare for peak fall color, lake shore walks, vivid reflections, pronghorn rut, abundant waterfowl, a bit of history and so many more photo possibilities!  

This workshop adventure is designed for the enthusiastic nature photographer. We will spend time in areas with the best photographic possibilities. Conditions in the field will vary. There will be a minimal amount of easy hiking on boardwalks, over rocky areas but mostly on level, well-worn paths. We will concentrate on getting the best possible images while adhering to ethical and responsible wildlife viewing guidelines and park rules. 


You'll get ...

  • Trip leader/instructor, Sandy Zelasko, who will work to get you in the right place at the right time for stunning imagery.
  • 25+ years of instructional experience, insured, licensed, CPR/AED/First Aid certified and park permit holder.
  • An enthusiastic, passionate and experienced nature photographer pro at your side!


Antelope Island Sep 22, 2016.

Thank you for considering "Photographic Gems at the Great Salt Lake" for your next photo adventure!

The WORKSHOP ITINERARY, DETAILS, RESOURCES and REGISTRATION PAGE can be found on the Arizona Highways PhotoScapes website.

Please enjoy the IMAGE GALLERY below ... a colorful sampling of what is possible!

Horned lark, Antelope Island, UT Aspens at Burgess Junction.




















Fielding Garr Ranch detail, Antelope Island State Park, Utah Desert cottontail, Antelope Island State Park, Utah





















DUBOIS, HARDIN, BIG TIMBER, YELLOWSTONE trip June/July 2015. Antelope Island Jun 12, 2016.



















Yellowstone Winter 2015. Yellowstone, Tetons, Gallery with Candi and Denise, June 2014.






















American bison at watering hole, Antelope Island, UT Antelope Island to Home, Jun 13, 2016.